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Couverture de Marine Drugs

SOMARTEX fait la couverture de Marine Drugs !

The purpose of this study is to change the paradigm based on the harvest/extraction approach and replace it with remote trapping of marine invertebrate molecules. This ecofriendly and sustainable approach aimed to exploit the animals in their natural habitat and to highlight the interdependence between the animal and its neighbors and between the animal and its symbionts. Our results demonstrate that when maintaining Crambe crambe and Anemonia sulcate in an aquarium and trapping the compounds released in the water, we succeeded in isolating and identifying toxic compounds to Anemonia, released by Crambe. Thus, This publication provides the proof of concept of a technology named Somartex® for (Self Operating MARine Trapping EXtractor) which was patented and built in order to transfer the concept from closed aquarium systems to open marine ecosystems.

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